By Fire and Sword (240 products found)

Accessories - Accessories

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AKC-012 x 4 cm metal bases £5.25

AKC-023 x 4 cm metal bases£5.25

AKC-034 x 4 cm metal bases£5.25

AKC-043 x 8 cm metal bases£5.25

AKC-05Metal pikes/spears£5.25

AKC-06Kalkan shields£3.50

AKC-09Ottoman Order Tokens£10.00

AKC-11Tatar Order Tokens£10.00

AKC-12Muscovian Order Tokens£10.00


AKC-14Polish casualty markers£12.00

AKC-15Swedish casualty markers£12.00

AKC-16Cossack casualty markers£12.00

AKC-18Ottoman casualty markers£12.00

AKC-19Tatar casualty markers£12.00

AKC-20Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth dice£14.00

AKC-21Swedish dice£14.00

AKC-22Cossack dice£14.00

AKC-23Ottoman dice£14.00

AKC-24Tatar dice£14.00

AKC-25Muscovite dice£14.00

AKC-26Plastic bases 2x4 cm£3.50

AKC-27Plastic bases 3x4 cm£3.50

AKC-28Plastic bases 4x4 cm£3.50

AKC-30Transylvanian dice£14.00

AKC-31Imperial dice£14.00

AKC-32Brandenburgian dice£14.00

AKC-33Transylvanian order tokens£10.00

AKC-35Brandenburg order Tokens£10.00

AKC-37Imperial casualty markers£10.00

AKC-38Brandenburg casualty markers£12.00

AKC-39Forage Markers £6.50



AKC-42Chevaux de frise£10.00

AKC-43Range finder£6.50

AKC-44Danish order markers£10.00

AKC-45Danish dice£14.00

AKC-29Plastic bases 3x8 cm£3.50

Brandenberg - Brandenberg

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BRA-01Prussian musketeers£7.50

BRA-02Prussian reiters£7.50

BRA-03Prussian dragoons£11.00

BRA-04Prussian commanders£7.50

BRA-05Prussian Territorial Defense£38.50

BRA-06Brandenburgian light artillery£10.00

BRA-07Brandenburg medium artillery 8pdr£12.00

BRA-09Brandenburg High Command£24.00

BRA-08Brandenburg medium artillery 6pdr£12.00

FLAG-BRABrandenburgian banners£6.50

Crimean Khanate - Crimean Khanate

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TAT-09Kappi Kulli£17.40

TAT-01Orda Cavalry£11.00

TAT-02Kazindji Poor Cavalry£20.00

TAT-03Tatar High Command£24.00

TAT-04Tatar Leaders£7.50

TAT-05Tatar Captives£6.50

TAT-06Tatar Skirmish Set£46.00

TAT-07Tatar warriors with spears£20.00

TAT-08Elite Tartar Cavalry£11.00

Denmark - Denmark

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DAN-01Danish commanders£7.50

DAN-02Danish Skirmish Set£38.50


DAN-05Danish Infantry£7.50

Flags - Flags

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FLAG-MERMercenary Units Banners £6.50

Holy Roman Empire - Holy Roman Empire

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

IMP-01Imperial Commanders£7.50

IMP-02Imperial Cuirassiers in Armour£7.50

IMP-04Imperial light artillery£10.00

IMP-05Imperial cuirassiers£7.50

IMP-06Imperial infantry regiment£42.50

IMP-08Imperial medium artillery 6pdr£10.00

IMP-09Imperial High Command£24.00

IMP-12Imperial Infantry 2 companies£11.00

FLAG-IMPImperial Banners£6.50

IMP-13Light Croatian Cavalry£9.00

IMP-03Imperial Skirmish Set£42.50

Kingdom of Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden

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SWE-01Company of Reiters£7.50

SWE-02Company of Armoured Reiters£7.50

SWE-03Company of Armored Reiters with Arquebuses£7.50

SWE-04Company of Reiters with Arquebuses£7.50

SWE-05Swedish national infantry regiment£42.50

SWE-06Mercenary Infantry£22.00

SWE-07Old Type Mercenary Infantry Regiment £42.50

SWE-07aMercenary Musketeers- old type£7.50

SWE-07bMercenary pikemen - old type£7.50

SWE-08Swedish High Command£24.00

SWE-09Swedish Dragoon Regiment£42.50

SWE-10Swedish Leaders £7.50

SWE-11Swedish Dragoons - company£11.00

SWE-12Swedish Skirmish Set£42.50

SWE-13Swedish Light Artillery£10.00

SWE-14The Invincibles veteran officers£7.50

SWE-15Veteran Reiters£7.50

SWE-16Swedish Medium Artillery octave 6 pdr£12.00

SWE-17Swedish Medium Artillery Swedish 12 pdr£12.00

SWE-18Reiter Command£7.50

SWE-19Reiter Regiment£50.00

swe-20King Carl X Gustav Horse Guards Regiment£46.00

FLAG-SWESwedish Banners £6.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MOS-01Boyar Sons Cavalry£11.00

MOS-02Border Dragoons£17.00

MOS-03Muscovite Leaders£7.50

MOS-04Muscovite High Command£24.00

MOS-05Muscovite Reiters£7.50

MOS-06Muscovite Light Artillery£10.00

MOS-07Boyar Sons Cavalry with Spears£11.00

MOS-08Muscovite Soldats£22.00

MOS-10Stretsy Prikaz£34.00

MOS-11Servant Cossacks£16.00

MOS-12Muscovite Medium Artillery 5 pdr quarter colubrine£12.00

MOS-14Field dragoons regiment£55.00

MOS-13Muscovite lancer rota£7.50

MOS-15Field Dragoon Company£16.00

MOS-16Dvorians Cavalry£11.00

MOS-17Zavoievodchicy / Dvorians with spears£11.00

MOS-18Alexander Potiomkin's Skirmish Force in 1658£69.50

FLAG-MOSMuscovite Banners£6.50

Ottoman Empire - Ottoman Empire

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

OTT-02Ottoman Leaders£7.50

OTT-19Turkish Garrison of Raszkow in 1674£69.50

OTT-03Ottoman High Command£24.00

OTT-04Gonullu Light Cavalry£11.00

OTT-05Besli Light Cavalry£11.00

OTT-06Sipahi European Levies£11.00

OTT-08Sipahi European Levies w / Spears£11.00

OTT-14Ottoman Medium Artillery darbzen 2 oka£12.00

OTT-17Azabs with hand weapons/spears£7.50

FLAG-OTTOttoman Banners£6.50

OTT-22Sipahi of the guard£28.00

OTT-15Azabs with polearms£7.50


OTT-11Ottoman Light Artillery£10.00


OTT-07Janissaries Mehter£6.50




Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

POL-02Pancerni Cavalry£11.00

POL-03Pancerni Cavalry with Spears£11.00

POL-06Polish Cossack Cavalry Banner£11.00

POL-07Polish Cossack Cavalry with Spears Banner £11.00

POL-08Polish Dragoons£42.50

POL-09Polish Leaders£7.50

POL-10Polish Tatar Style Cavalry£11.00

POL-11Vallachian Style Cavalry£20.00

POL-12Polish Dragoons - company£11.00

POL-14Polish Light Artillery£10.00

POL-15Lithuanian Petyhorcy£20.00

POL-17Polish Infantry with Arquebuses£7.50

POL-18Gosiewski foray£55.00

POL-26Lithuanian winged hussar led by Alexander Hilary Polubinski£38.00

POL-19Polish Medium Artillery quarter culverin 5pdr£12.00

POL-20Polish Medium Artillery octave 6pdr£12.00

POL-21Peasant partisans£7.50

POL-22Polish highlanders£7.50

POL-24Polish-Hungarian infantry with muskets£7.50

POL-25Polish cavalry regiment£46.00

POL-04Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Command£24.00

POL-28Winged hussars without lances£13.00

POL-16Lithuanian Skirmish Set£42.50

POL-13Polish Skirmish Set£38.50

FLAG-POLPolish Commonwealth Banners £6.50

Principality of Transylvania - Principality of Transylvania

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

SIE-08Saxon / Town Infantry£7.50

SIE-02Comitatus / Szekeley cavalry£7.50

SIE-01Lance armed household/levy cavalry£7.50

SIE-03Szekeley light cavalry£7.50

SIE-04Household/levy light cavalry£7.50

SIE-05Mounted Szekely handgunners£11.00

SIE-06Kurtany cavalry£7.50

SIE-11Hungarian seimeni£7.50

SIE-12Transylvanian High Command£24.00

SIE-13Transylvanian leaders£7.50

SIE-14Transylvanian Medium Artillery£12.00

SIE-15Transylvanian light artillery£6.50

SIE-16Transylvanian mounted haiduks£11.00

SIE-19Transylvanian combat skirmish force£50.00

FLAG-TRATransylvanian Banners£6.50

Royal City of Gdansk - Royal City of Gdansk

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GDA-01Gdansk leaders£7.50

GDA-02Militia mounted£7.50


GDA-04Colonel von Winter and mortar£10.00

Special Characters - Special Characters

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BFAS-01Heroes of the Sienkiewicz's Trilogy£11.00

BFAS-02Polish Volunteers/Partisans commander£11.00

BFAS-03Lituanian Volunteers/Partisans commander£11.00

BFSA-04Special miniatures I (messenger, informator, prisoner)£11.00

Terrain - Terrain Features

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TER-01Wooden Fences£6.50

TER-02Wicker Fence£6.50

TER-03Grain stacks£6.50


TER-06Infantry field earthworks 1£6.50

TER-08Heavy artillery emplacement£16.00

TER-09Peasant hut 1£10.00

TER-10Barn 1£10.00

TER-11Big peasant hut£11.00

TER-12Big peasant hut with attachment£12.00

TER-13Peasant hut 2£10.00

TER-14Nobleman's Manor 1£30.00

TER-16Storied storehouse£14.00





TER-21Farmyard 1£25.50

TER-22Farmyard 2£24.00

TER-23Western style military tents big£10.00

TER-24Western style military tents medium£10.00

TER-25Western style military tents small£10.00

TER-26Eastern style military tents big£10.00

TER-27Eastern style military tents 1£10.00

TER-28Eastern style military tents 2£10.00

TER-29Eastern style military tents 3£10.00

TER-31Shrines and crosses£10.00


TER-33Wooden Church£34.00

TER-37Set of bridges£11.00

TER-38Cossack and Tartar tents£10.00

TER-39Tatar/Cossack officer tents£10.00

TER-40Wooden Walls 1£18.50

TER-41Wooden Walls 2£18.50

TER-42Nobleman's manor 2£22.00

TER-44Set of roads£25.50

TER-48Noble house 3£30.00

TER-07Infantry field earthworks 2£6.50

Wagon Train - Wagon Train

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

GEN-01Transport wagons£10.00

Wargames Rules - Wargames Rules

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

RUL-05Fire and Sword revised rulebook £38.00

RUL-07Armies of By Fire and Sword£25.00

RUL-13Danish Wars£20.00

RUL-09Warsaw 28th-30th July 1656£14.00

RUL-04The Deluge.£30.00

RUL-10By Fire and Sword- Players Edition£13.20


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

KOZ-02Zaphorozian Cossack Cavalry £11.00

KOZ-03Zaphorozian Cossack Tabor 2 wagons£11.00

KOZ-04Cossack Moloitsy 2 sotnias£14.00

KOZ-05Cossack Command£24.00

KOZ-06Cossack Rabble£16.00

KOZ-01Cossack Registered Moloitsy£14.00

KOZ-07Cossack Leaders £7.50

KOZ-08Cossack Light Artillery£10.00

KOZ-09Plastun Scouts£7.50

KOZ-10Cossack Skirmish Set£42.50

KOZ-11Cossack Skirmishers£7.50

KOZ-12Cossack medium artillery£12.00

KOZ-13Cossack Wagon Train£42.50