4Ground (350 products found)


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28s-TAO-131Large and Small Pallets£5.00

28s-TAO-138Cemetery Entrance£7.00

10mm Jesserai Urban Zone - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

10S-JUZ-111District XXII Monorail Station£54.00

15mm Modern Conflict - Cold War Gone Hot

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

15S-CWG-10815mm Ducting£8.00

15S-CWG-11115mm Retail Unit£55.00

15S-TAO-12515mm Carriage Way T-Junction£8.00

15s-TAO-12315mm Carriage Way Cross Roads£8.00

15s-TAO-12815mm Carriage Way Gantries£11.00

15mm Terrain - Age of Blackpowder

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

15S-ABP-S1La Haye Sainte Collection£83.00

15mm Terrain - American Legends

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

15S-AML-102Militia Blockhouse£12.00

15mm Terrain - Terrain Features

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

15S-EAW-A06 15mm Dragon's Teeth£4.30

28mm Sci-Fi - 28mm Jesserai

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-JES-106Tower Control Module (Out of Stock)£60.00

28S-JES-109SV Hanger and Repair Bay£135.00

28S-JES-A02Rooftop Access Ladders£4.50

28S-TAO-128Perishable Crates£9.00

28S-TAO-129Munition Crates£9.00

28S-TAO-130Non-Hazardous Crates£9.00

Age of Blackpowder - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-ABP-S1La Haye Sainte Collection (Out of Stock)£275.00

28S-ABP-104Lofted Corner Stable£62.00


American Legends - New World Colonial

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-AML-101Pioneers Log Timber Cabin 1£17.00

28S-AML-102Pioneers Log Timber Cabin 2£17.00

28S-AML-103Log Timber Blockhouse£28.00

28S-AML-104Settlers Log Timber Cabin 1£19.00

28S-AML-105New France Settler's Cabin£19.00

28S-AML-106New England Loft Cabin£24.00

28S-AML-107New France Loft Cabin£24.00

Ancient and Classical - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-ANC-101Pre-Painted 28mm Roman Limes Tower£35.00

Bases - Bases

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

FB6030-260mm by 30mm Bases£1.50

PB-202020mm x 20mm Primed Green Bases£2.60

Basing - Basing Material

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MT-1032mm Winter Static Grass£3.00

MT-1042mm Spring Static Grass£3.00

MT-1052mm Summer Static Grass£3.00

MT-1062mm Autumn Static Grass£3.00

MT-1074mm Hay£3.00


MT-109Frozen Ground£3.00

MT-1102mm Late Summer£3.00

MT-111Scorched Grass£3.00


MT-113Summer Heathlands£3.00

Building Material - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-MAO-127Corrugated Iron£5.50

Carts & Wagons - Carts & Wagons

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28-CAW-30128mm Ox/Flat Bed Wagon£5.50

28-CAW-302General Purpose Wagon£5.50

28-CAW-30328mm Utility/Horse Cart£4.00

28-CAW-30428mm Water Cart & Jack£3.50

28-CAW-30528mm Roman Ox Cart£4.50

28-CAW-306Peasant's Ox Cart£4.50

28-CAW-307Boer Trekker Wagon£8.00

28-CAW-308C16-C17 Strong Box Cart£4.00

28-CAW-309C16-C17 Covered Baggage Cart£4.00

28-CAW-312American Civil War Rucker Ambulance£5.50


Dark Ages - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-DAR-102Saxon/Medieval Hovel Pre-Painted£10.50

28S-DAR-103Anglo Danish Dwelling£15.50

28S-DAR-104Anglo Danish Hovel£10.50


28S-DAR-106Norse Hovel/Workshop£15.50

28S-DAR-107Norse Storehouse/ Hut£13.50

28S-DAR-109Norse Traders Shop£29.00


28S-DAR-111Heorot Great Saga Hall£220.00

28s-DAR-101Saxon/Medieval Dwelling Painted£15.50

28s-MED-101High Medieval Painted Cottage£20.00

Dark Ages - Walls, Fences and Barriers

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-DAR-A01Norse Fencing£11.00

28S-DAR-A02Norse Fencing (with Gates)£11.00

28S-DAR-A03Boarden Trackways£4.75

Dead Mans Hand -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-DMH-135Camp Town Harper's Dry Goods£11.00

28S-DMH-A17DMH: Unpainted Sub Base A & Boardwalk£9.50

28S-TAO-139Window Boardings£5.00

28S-TAO-14819th-20th Century Carpenters Equipment£5.00

Dead Mans Hand - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-DMH-101Side Street Building 1£20.00

28S-DMH-102Side Street Building 2£20.00

28S-DMH-103Side Street Building 3£20.00

28S-DMH-104Main Street Building 1£40.00

28S-DMH-105Main Street Building 2£40.00

28S-DMH-106Main Street Building 3£43.00

28S-DMH-107Marshal's Office£26.00

28S-DMH-108Sheriff's Office£53.00

28S-DMH-109The Undertakers£57.00

28S-DMH-110The Gallows£15.00

28S-DMH-111Single Storey Building Under Construction£13.50

28S-DMH-112Two Storey Building Under Construction£20.00

28S-DMH-113ARogan's Bar Add-On£17.00

28S-DMH-113Rogan's Bar£29.00

28S-DMH-114Miller's Livery Stable£61.00

28S-DMH-115First National Bank£74.00

28S-DMH-116Single Storey Small Building Under Construction£10.00

28S-DMH-117Double Storey Small Building Under Construction£13.50

28S-DMH-118The Sassy Gal Saloon£108.00

28S-DMH-119Rev. Johnson's Church£35.00

28S-DMH-120A&D Hardware Store£21.00

28S-DMH-122Land Office£20.00

28S-DMH-123Dead Man's Hand Station£75.00

28S-DMH-124Water Tower£19.00

28S-DMH-125Dead Man's Hand Windmill£14.00

28S-DMH-126 Cursed House 1£19.00

28S-DMH-127Cursed House 2 £20.00

28S-DMH-128 Cursed House 3£34.00

28S-DMH-129 Cursed House 4£34.00

28S-DMH-130 Cursed House 5 £20.00

28S-DMH-131 Cursed House 6£37.00

28S-DMH-132 The Cursed Church£34.00

28S-DMH-A01Add-on: Horse Hitch & Signs£6.00


28S-DMH-A03Pre-painted Stairs & Boardwalk£6.50

28S-DMH-A04Pre-painted Sub Base A & Boardwalk£10.00

28S-DMH-A05Pre-painted Sub Base B & Boardwalk£10.00

28S-DMH-A08Hand Pre-painted Long Boardwalks£10.00

28S-DMH-A09Corral Fencing£15.00

28S-DMH-A10Add On 10 Sunken Boardwalks£4.00

28S-DMH-A11Wooden Cellar Entrance£3.50

28S-DMH-A12White Picket Fence£12.50

28S-DMH-A13Weathered Wood Picket Fence£12.50

28S-DMH-A14Straight Railway Lines£8.00

28S-DMH-S3Rev. Johnson's Church Collection£75.00

28S-DMH-S4 The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Building Collection£210.00

28s-dmh-133Dentistry and Attorney at law£36.00

Fabled Realm -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28s-FAR-127Fabled Realms: Tueden League Windmill£50.00

28s-FAR-134Fabled Realms: Stovis Watermill£44.50

Fabled Realm - Furniture

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-FAB-063MBoarden Royal Throne £10.50

28S-FAB-064MLong Trestle Table X 1 & Benches X 4 £8.30

28S-FAB-065MTrestle Table X 1 & Benches X 4£6.50

28S-FAB-066MShort Trestle Table X 2 & Benches X 4 £6.50

Fabled Realm - Mordanburg

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-FAR-101DDamaged Mordanburg Highstreet Building 1£37.00

28S-FAR-101Mordanburg Highstreet Building 1£34.00

28S-FAR-102DDamaged Mordanburg Highstreet House 2£24.50

28S-FAR-102Mordanburg Highstreet Building 2£24.50

28S-FAR-103DDamaged Highstreet House 3£25.00

28S-FAR-103Mordanburg Highstreet Building 3£29.00

28S-FAR-103SDMordanburg Damaged Dwellings 1£46.00

28S-FAR-104Mordanburg Highstreet Building 4£24.50

28S-FAR-105Mordanburg Backstreet Building 1£19.00

28S-FAR-106Mordanburg Backstreet Building 2£16.50

28S-FAR-107Mordanburg Backstreet Building 3£19.00

28S-FAR-108Mordanburg Backstreet Building 4£16.50

28S-FAR-109 Mordanburg Dockside Dwelling 1£26.00

28S-FAR-110Mordanburg Dockside Dwelling 2£35.00

28S-FAR-111 Mordanburg Dockside Dwelling 3£37.00

28S-FAR-112 'The Stoic Arms'£128.00

28S-FAR-113City Watchtower£125.00

28S-FAR-114Halgar's Blacksmith£47.00

28S-FAR-115Fabled Realm Village Fencing£14.00

28S-FAR-116Fabled Realm Village Fencing With Gates£14.00

28S-FAR-117Mordanburg Well£9.00

28S-FAR-131Valian's Stables£60.00

28S-FAR-132Dockside Watchtower£59.00

28S-FAR-133Dockside Wooden Wharf£12.00

28S-FAR-135Dockside Low Wharf£11.00

28S-FAR-137Dockside Gallows£13.00

28S-FAR-A01Mordanburg Signposts£4.00

28S-FAR-A02Pub and Shop Signs£10.00

28s-FAR-A03Stocks and Gibbets£6.00

Fabled Realm - Ruins of Daldorr

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-FAR-150Ruins of Daldorr 1£16.00

28S-FAR-151Ruins of Daldorr 2£16.00

28S-FAR-152Ruins of Daldorr 3£26.00

28S-FAR-153Ruins of Daldorr 4£16.00

28S-FAR-154Corner Ruins 5£19.00

28S-FAR-155Corner Ruins 6£19.00

28S-FAR-156Corner Ruins 7£19.00

28S-FAR-157'The Blasted Tower'£85.00

28S-FAR-160Daldorr Columns£15.00

Furniture and Belongings - Furniture

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-FAB-001MSmall Bookshelf£2.20

28S-FAB-002MLarge Bookshelf£2.20

28S-FAB-003MBannister Back (A) Chair£2.80

28S-FAB-004MTable (A)£2.80

28S-FAB-005MFiddle Back Chair£2.80

28S-FAB-006MSheaf Back Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-007MSquare Back (A) Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-008MLadder Back (A) Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-009MBannister Back (B) Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-010MBentwood Back Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-011MSquare Back (B) Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-012MLadder Back (B) Chairs£2.80

28S-FAB-013MTable (B)£2.20

28S-FAB-014MStool (A)£2.80

28S-FAB-015MStool (B)£2.80

28S-FAB-016MBookshelf Cupboard£2.20

28S-FAB-017MWelsh Dresser£2.80

28S-FAB-018MSide Board£2.20

28S-FAB-019MWardrobe A£2.80

28S-FAB-020MWardrobe (B)£2.80

28S-FAB-021MChest of Draws (A)£2.80

28S-FAB-022MGrandfather Clock£4.00

28S-FAB-023MChest of Draws (B)£2.80

28S-FAB-024Double Brass Bed£2.20

28S-FAB-025MDouble Wood Bed£2.20

28S-FAB-026MFarm Table£2.80

28S-FAB-027MBar Stools£2.80

28S-FAB-028Fire Place£4.00

28S-FAB-029Single Brass Bed£2.20

28S-FAB-030MSingle Wood Bed£2.20

28S-FAB-031MCorner Counter£4.00

28S-FAB-032MStraight Counter£2.80

28S-FAB-033MBentwood Back Rocking Chair£2.80

28S-FAB-034MLadder Back Rocking Chair£2.20

28S-FAB-035MOffice Desk£2.80

28S-FAB-036MPalet Beds£2.20

28S-FAB-037MGun Cabinet£2.80

28S-FAB-038MTable (C)£2.20



28S-FAB-041MRound Tables£2.20


28S-FAB-043MCoffin 1£3.20

28S-FAB-044MCoffin 2£3.20

28S-FAB-045MCoffin 3£3.20


28S-FAB-047MSafety Deposit Boxes 1-15£6.50

28S-FAB-048MSafety Deposit Boxes 16-30£6.50

28S-FAB-049MFiling Cabinets A-O£6.50

28S-FAB-050MFiling Cabinets P-Z£6.50

Furniture and Belongings - Furniture (CONTINUED...)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-FAB-051MUpright Piano£6.50

28S-FAB-052MBunk Beds£3.20

Gothic City - Gothic City

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28F-GOC-A10Dumpster (C) (Out of Stock)£5.00

28F-GOC-A30Emergency Lighting£6.00

Homeland Apocalypse. - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-HLA-S1Homeland Apocalypse: Twin Peaks Shopping Mall Collection£230.00

Homeland Apocalypse. - Terrain Features

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-TAO-140Park Bow Fencing£18.00

Shogonate Japan - Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-EDO-101Village Rice Barn£14.50

28S-EDO-102Peasant Labourer's Dwelling£16.50

28S-EDO-105 Peasant Smallholder's Dwelling£20.00

28S-EDO-106Peasant Farmer's Cottage£25.00

28S-EDO-109Village Elder's House£37.00

Shogonate Japan - Terrain Features

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

32S-BJI-103Jwar Isles - 5 Rural Carts£10.00

Shogonate Japan - Walls, Fences and Barriers

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-CAW-102Far East Asian Ox Cart£4.20

28S-CAW-1032 Far East Asian Hand Carts£4.20

28S-EDO-103Village Wooden Fencing£14.50

28S-EDO-104Village Wooden Gates (with fencing)£12.50

Terrain and Obstacles -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

15S-TAO-119Capped Stone Walls£12.00

Terrain and Obstacles - Terrain Features

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-TAO-12220x Grave Stones£7.00

28S-TAO-12324x Grave Boards£5.00

Terrain and Obstacles - Walls

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-TAO-101Prepainted Straight Wall Sections£10.50

28S-TAO-102Pre-Painted Short Walls and Gates£9.50

28S-TAO-103Pre-Painted Wall Corner Sections£9.50

28S-TAO-107Stone Straight Wall Sections£9.00

28S-TAO-108Stone Short and Gated Wall Sections£9.00

28S-TAO-109Stone Ruined Straight Wall Sections£9.00

28S-TAO-117Stone Bridge£12.00

Terrain and Obstacles - Walls, Fences and Barriers

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-DMH-A06Yard Panel Fencing (with gates)£13.50

28S-DMH-A07Yard Panel Fencing£13.50

28S-TAO-112Livestock Fencing (with gates)£10.50

28S-TAO-113Livestock Fencing£10.50

28S-TAO-124Shipping Crates and Freight Boxes£12.00

28S-TAO-125Wild Beast Shipping Crates£12.00

28S-TAO-126 Supply Crates£12.00

Tools -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

4GTL-1014G Hobby Clamps£12.00

4GTL-1034G Dual Grit Sanders£3.50

4GTL-1044G Magnetic Soft Grip Knife + 6 Blades£8.00

4GTL-1054G Side Cutters£7.00

4GTL-1064G Half Round Pliers£7.00

4GTL-1074G Double Headed Carvers£7.00

4GTL-1084G 10 Needle Files£7.00

4GTL-1104G Craft knife & Side Cutters£10.00

4GTL-1114G Fibre Grip Tweezers£5.00

4GTL-1124G Craft Knife£3.50

4GTL-1134G No. 2 Blades x 5£3.00

4GTL-1144G No. 22 Blades x 5£3.00

4GTL-1154G No. 15 Key Hole Saw Blades x 5£6.00

4GTL-1164G No. 27 Saw Blades x 5£6.00

4GTL-1174G Plastic Tweezers x 2£3.00

4GTL-1254G Pin Vice + 5 Drills£9.00

Trees and Scenics - Deciduous Woodland

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TSM-1011x Mature Willow£18.00

TSM-1023x Young Willows£16.00

TSM-1031x Mature Oak£22.00

TSM-1043x Young Oak/Beech Trees£16.00

TSM-1052x Mature Beech Trees£24.00

TSM-1062x Mature Ash Trees£16.00

TSM-1075x Young Ash Trees£13.00

TSM-1083x Mature Poplars£16.00

TSM-1094x Young Poplars£15.00

TSM-1102x Mature Birch Trees£16.00

TSM-1114x Young Birch Trees£16.00

TSM-1122x Mature Chestnut Trees£15.00

TSM-1134x Young Chestnut Trees£14.00

TSM-1145x Mature Orchard Trees£15.00

TSM-1155x Young Orchard Trees£14.00

Trees and Scenics - Pine Trees

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TSM-1263x Mature Winter Firs£24.00

TSM-1275x Young Winter Firs£24.00

TSM-1283x Mature Firs£24.00

TSM-1295x Young Firs£24.00

Trees and Scenics - loose foliage

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

TSM-116Loose Foliage White Blossom£1.90

TSM-117Loose Foliage Red Blossom£1.90

TSM-118Loose Foliage Forest Green£1.90

TSM-119Loose Foliage Woodland Green£1.90

TSM-120Loose Foliage Meadow Green£1.90

TSM-121Loose Foliage Heathland£1.90

TSM-122Loose Foliage Green Leaves£2.90

TSM-123Loose Foliage Brown Leaves£2.90

TSM-124Loose Foliage Copper Leaves£2.90

TSM-125Loose Foliage Golden Leaves£2.90

TSM-133Scrim Foliage - Spring Hues£4.30

TSM-134Scrim Foliage - Summer Hues£4.30

TSM-135Scrim Foliage - Autumn Hues£4.30

TSM-136Scrim Foliage - Lush Hues£4.30

TSM-137Scrim Foliage - Draught Hues£4.30

Tudor/ Stuart Buildings - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-ECW-101Pre-Painted Timber Frame Market Hall & Jail£39.00

28S-ECW-102Tudor Timber Frame Cottage£18.00

28S-ECW-104Timber Framed Shop/ Dwelling£26.00

Wooden Out Houses - Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-TAO-104Wooden Stores£7.50

28S-TAO-105Wooden WC£5.00

28S-TAO-106Thunder Box Toilets£11.00

World at War -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

10S-EAW-SET1Semi-Detached House and Shop£15.50

10S-EAW-SET2Corner Hotel£12.50

28F-WAW-A01Dutch House 1 Extension£7.00

28F-WAW-A02Dutch House 2 Extension£7.00

28F-WAW-A03Dutch House 3 Extension£7.00

World at War - Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28F-WAW-104Dutch House 1£20.00

28F-WAW-105Dutch House 2£20.00

28F-WAW-106Dutch House 3£20.50

28S-WAW-101 Left Hand Semi 1£24.00

28S-WAW-101D28mm Damaged End Terrace.£24.00

28S-WAW-102Right Hand Semi 1£24.00

28S-WAW-103D28mm Damaged Mid Terrace.£24.00

28S-WAW-103Mid Terrace 1£22.00

28S-WAW-104D28mm Damaged Detached House£26.00

28S-WAW-104Detached House 1£26.00

28S-WAW-105Three Storey Detached£40.00

28S-WAW-106Three Storey End Terrace£37.00

28S-WAW-107Three Storey Mid Terrace£35.00

28S-WAW-108Ruined House Type 1£15.00

28S-WAW-109Ruined House Type 2£17.00

28S-WAW-110Corner Ruins 1£12.00

28S-WAW-111 Corner Ruins 2£12.00

28S-WAW-112Corner Ruins 3£9.00

28S-WAW-113Stone Hotel£93.00

28S-WAW-114Stone Coaching Stable£33.00



28S-WAW-133Corner House Type 1£51.00

28S-WAW-134Detached House 2£31.00

28S-WAW-135Left Hand Semi 2£25.00

28S-WAW-136Right Hand Semi 2£25.00

28S-WAW-137Mid Terrace 2£23.00

28S-WAW-138Shop 1: Corner Bakery£46.00

28S-WAW-140DDamaged Parish Church£100.00

28S-WAW-141Western European Windmill£35.00

28S-WAW-S8-1Hotel Complex Courtyard£17.00

28S-WAW-SET8The Hotel Complex£240.00

World at War - East Europe Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-WAW-117Ukrainian Rural House£33.00

28S-WAW-118Russian Rural Cottage£27.00

28S-WAW-119Polish Rural Dwelling£22.00

28S-WAW-120Polish Rural Cottage £36.00

28S-WAW-121Polish Rural House £39.00

World at War - Painted Buildings

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

28S-WAW-139Shop 2: Corner Grocers£36.00

28S-WAW-140Parish Church£115.00

World at War - World War Two

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity


28-WAW-302Road Barricades B-Wire£5.00

28S-WAW-A0428mm Telegraph Pole£9.50

28S-WAW-A0528mm Hedgehogs£4.50

28s-waw-a0628mm Dragons Teeth£4.50