1938. A Very British Civil War (14 products found)

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BP12221938. A Very British Civil War - The Concise Source Book£8.50

BP1326Guide to the Anglican League£8.50

BP1329Brigadier 38£8.50

BP1330A Guide to Tanks and Military Vehicles£8.50

BP1343The North Somerset Campaign.£8.50

BP1345The County Forces: Part One£8.50

BP1346The County Forces: Part Two£8.50

BP1352The Army of Prince Albert, Lord Protector£8.50

BP1372The Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic£8.50

BP1373Factions, Flags and Formations: Part One£8.50

BP1395Tales from the Fall of the Empire, Part One£8.50

BP1418BRIGADIER '38 Army Lists part one£8.50

BP1420Army lists for Brigadier 38. Part Two£8.50

BP1486Factions, Flags & Formations: Part Two£8.50