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Modern Tanks - Helicopters

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

MTANKS25PAH Helicopter Expansion£11.00

MTANKS26Lynx Helicopter Expansion£11.00

MTANKS27Gazelle Helicopter Expansion£11.00

MTANKS28Hind Helicopter Expansion£13.00

MTANKS29Cobra Helicopter Expansion£11.00

Modern Tanks - Tanks

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MTANKS01TANKS: The Modern Age - M1 vs T-64 Starter Set£20.00

MTANKS02American M1 Abrams Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS03Soviet T-72 Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS04British Chieftain Tank Expansion (Out of Stock)£8.00

MTANKS05West German Leopard 2 Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS06M60 Patton£8.00

MTANKS07Soviet T-64 Tank Expansion£8.00


MTANKS09Leopard I£8.00

MTANKS10French AMX30/ 155mm SP Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS11US M901 ITV/ M163 VADS Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS12T-62 Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS13British Striker/ Milan MCT Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS14German Marder Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS15AMX-10P (Out of Stock)£8.00

MTANKS21LAV Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS22T-55 Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS23Soviet BMP-1/ Bmp-2 Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS24Swingfire Tank Expansion£8.00

MTANKS30Humvee-Tow Tank Expansion£8.00

Tanks - Tanks

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TANKS01Tanks - The WW2 Tank Skirmish Game£18.00


TANKS11Soviet SU-100 Tank Expansion£7.00

TANKS17Soviet Dice Set (6)£3.50

TANKS18Villers Bocage Game Mat£25.00

TANKS19US Dice Set (6)£3.50

TANKS24M10 (Lend Lease)£7.00

TANKS40British Honey Tank £7.00

TANKS46US Stuart Tanks Expansion£7.00

TANKS47American Sherman (early) Tanks Expansion£7.00

TANKS48American Priest Tanks Expansion£7.00

TANKS49American Lee Tanks Expansion£7.00

TANKS59Sherman II Tank Expansion£7.00

TANKS60Armoured Fist Dice£3.50

TANKS63Priest (RHA) Tank Expansion£7.00