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Gangs of Rome - Gangs of Rome

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WBGORRBGangs of Rome Rulebook£8.00

WBGOR001Fighter Primus£8.00

WBGOR002Fighter Secundus£8.00

WBGOR003Fighter Tertius£8.00

WBGOR004Fighter Quartus£8.00

WBGOR005Fighter Quintus£8.00

WBGOR006Fighter Sextus£8.00

WBGOR007Fighter Septimus£8.00

WBGOR008Fighter Octavus£8.00

WBGOR009Fighter Nonus£8.00

WBGOR010Fighter Decimus£8.00

WBGOR101Primus Dominus£3.00

WBGOR102Secundus Dominus£3.00

WBGOR103Tertius Dominus£3.00

WBGOR104Quartus Dominus£3.00


WBGOR106Gladiator Ally£4.00

WBGOR107Fierce Mastiff£4.00

WBGORC1Jigsaw Base & 7 Flesh Markers£2.00

WBGORC2Gang Fighter ID Markers (40)£4.00

WBGORDICERoman Numeral Dice (10)£6.00

WBGORM01Mob Primus£8.00

WBGORM02Mob Secundus£8.00

WBGORM03Mob Tertius£8.00

WBGORM04Slave Master and Slaves£5.00

WBGORMATGangs of Rome Gaming Mat£35.00

WBGORPMIXMixed Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPBBlack Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPBLBlue Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPGGreen Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPRRed Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPWWhite Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00

WBGORPPYYellow Activation Pebbles (10)£3.00