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1/600th Scale Galleys - 1/600th Scale Galleys

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC10001Greek Trireme£4.00

ANC10002Carthaginian Trireme £4.00

ANC10003Roman Trireme£4.00

ANC10004Phoenician Trireme£7.00

ANC10014 Transport ship£4.00

ANC10016 Crew and Marines£3.00

ANC10017Sunken Trireme£3.00

ANC10018 Sunken Quinquereme£3.25

15mm Ancients - Ancients

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC20202Spanish Casualties£3.50

ANC20203Spanish Nobles£3.50

ANC20204Spanish Cavalry Command£3.50

ANC20205Spanish Caetra Shield (24)£3.50

ANC20246Scythian Infantry Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20247Scythian Cavalry Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20248Scythian Ornate Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20232 Dogs (Mastiff Type)£3.50

ANC20027Greek Cavalry with Boiotian Helmets£3.50

ANC20028Armoured Greek Cavalry with Boiotian Helmets£3.50

ANC20029Spartan Cavalry£3.50

ANC20075Macedonian Pezetairo w/ Javelins£3.50

ANC20090 Hereditary/Mercenary Indian Archers£3.75

ANC20091 Indian Foot Musician, Standard &Parasol Bearers£4.00

ANC20093 Indian Maiden Guard£3.50

ANC20094Indian Cavalry Command with Standards &Parasols£4.00

ANC20095 Indian Cavalry£4.00

ANC20096Mounted Maiden Guard£3.75

ANC20097 Mountain Indian Spearmen£3.75

ANC20098Mountain Indian Archers£3.75

ANC20099 Mountain Indian Light Horse£4.00

ANC20100 Indian 4-Horsed Chariot w/4 Crew£6.00

ANC20101 Indian General's 4-Horse Chariot w/4 Crew£6.25

ANC20102 Indian Elephant with 3 Crew£6.00

ANC20103Indian Elephant £6.00

ANC20104 Greek Thureophoroi£3.75

ANC20105Kappadokian Noble Cavalry£3.75

ANC20107 Pantodapoi Phalangites£3.75

ANC20108 Arachosian Light Horse£3.75

ANC20109Mounted Macedonian Generals£3.75

ANC20110Hellenistic Musicians and standards£4.00

ANC20111Boltshooter (Tension)£3.75

ANC20112 Bolt Shooter (Torsion)£3.75

ANC20113Stone Thower (Torsion)£3.75

ANC20114Phokian Stone Thrower£4.00

ANC20119Seleucid Agyraspids£3.75

ANC20120 Bactrian Greek Phalangites£3.75

ANC20121 Antigonid Phalangites£3.75

ANC20123Elymaian Archers£3.75

ANC20124 Macedonian Generals and Foot Companions£3.75

ANC20125 'Persian' Xystophoroi£3.75

ANC20127Kappadokian Cavalry£3.75

ANC20128 Kappadokian Light Cavalry£3.75

ANC20129Kappadokian Archers£3.75

ANC20132Hellenistic Elephant, with 2 crew, Pike Astride Left£5.25

ANC20138Heavy Stone Thrower (Torsion)£5.50

ANC20139 Indian 2-Horse Chariot w/2 Crew£5.50

ANC20140Hastati with Pilum£3.75

ANC20141 Hastati with Sword£3.75

ANC20142Roman Principes with Spear£3.75

15mm Ancients - Ancients (CONTINUED...)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC20143 Roman Principes with Pilum£3.75

ANC20144Roman Accensi with Spear£3.75


ANC20146 Roman Penal Legion with Gallic Armaments£3.75

ANC20147 Gallic Shields (24)£3.75

ANC20148Phalangite Shields (24)£3.75

ANC20149Spanish Shields Oval (24)£3.75

ANC20150Psloi Shields (24)£3.75

ANC20151 Peltast Shields Round (24)£3.75

ANC20152Peltast Shields Crescent (24)£3.75

ANC20153Republican Roman Shields (24)£4.00

ANC20154 Hellenistic Thureos (24)£4.00

ANC20155Roman Triarii£3.75

ANC20156Roman Velites£3.75

ANC20157Oscan Javelinmen with Scutum£3.75

ANC20158Oscan Armoured Infantry with Hoplite Shield£3.75

ANC20159Apulian Infantry£3.75

ANC20160Pilums (24)£3.75

ANC20162 Hellenistic Elephant, with 2 crew, Pike Astride Right£5.50

ANC20163 Roman Musicians£3.75

ANC20164Roman Standard Bearers£3.50

ANC20165Roman Officers and Lictors£3.75

ANC20166Liby-Phoenecian Spearmen£3.75

ANC20167Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen£3.75

ANC20168Liby-Phoenecian Veterans£3.75

ANC20169Carthaginian Sacred Band£3.75

ANC20170 Campanian Hoplites£3.75

ANC20171Celtic Gaesati with Spears£3.75

ANC20172Celtic Gaesati with Swords£3.75

ANC20173Gaesati Musicians &Standards£4.25

ANC20174 Celtic Gaesati Nobles£3.75

ANC20175 Gallic Unarmoured Cavalry with Shields£4.00

ANC20176Gallic Armoured Cavalry with Shields£4.00

ANC20179Gallic Soldurii£3.75

ANC20181Gallic Musicians &Standards£4.25

ANC20182Gallic Skirmishers with Javelin£3.75

ANC20183Gallic Slingers£3.50

ANC20184Gallic Archers£3.50

ANC20185Gallic Swords (24)£3.50

ANC20186Gallic Swords in Sheaths (24)£3.50

ANC20187 Scutum shields (24)£3.50

ANC20188Clipped Scutum Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20189Gallic Cavalry Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20190 Gallic Casualties£3.50

ANC20191Severed Heads (24)£3.50

ANC20192Caetrati with Swords£3.75

ANC20193Caetrati with Javelin£3.75

ANC20195Spanish Musicians &Standards£4.00

ANC20197 Spanish Unarmoured Cavalry£4.00

ANC20198Spanish Armoured Cavalry£4.00

15mm Ancients - Ancients (CONTINUED...)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC20199Celtiberian Warriors£3.75

ANC20200Lusitanian Warriors£3.75

ANC20201Spanish (Balearic) Slingers£3.75

ANC20206Mounted Spanish Nobles£3.75

ANC20207Maccabean Jewish Javelinmen£3.75

ANC20208Maccabean Jewish Swordsmen£3.75

ANC20209Maccabean Jewish Slingers£3.75

ANC20210Maccabean Jewish Archers£3.75

ANC20211Maccabean Commanders on Foot£3.75

ANC20212Maccabean Unarmoured Cavalry£3.75

ANC20213Maccabean Armoured Cavalry£4.00

ANC20215Foot Standards and Musicians£3.75

ANC20216Zealot Infantry£3.75

ANC20217Zealot Archers£3.75

ANC20218Indian Elephant (Bare)£6.50

ANC20219African Elephant (Bare)£6.50

ANC20220Carthaginian Elephant w/Mahout (A)£5.00

ANC20221Carthaginian Elephant w/Mahout (B)£5.00

ANC20222Carthaginian Musicians and Standards£4.00

ANC20223Carthaginian Generals &Leaders£3.75

ANC20224Numidian Skirmishers£3.75

ANC20225Carthaginian Elephant with War Tower (A)£6.75

ANC20226 Carthaginian Elephant with War Tower (B)£6.75


ANC20230Greek Casualties£3.75

ANC20231Indian Shields (24)£3.50

ANC20234Roman Incendiary Pigs£3.50


ANC20236Flaming Pigs£3.50

ANC20237Scythian Kings &Nobles£4.00

ANC20238Scythian Archers£3.75

ANC20239Scythian Cavalry£4.00

ANC20240Scythian Bodyguard Cavalry£4.00

ANC20241Scythian Infantry£3.75

ANC20242Scythian Subject Infantry£3.75

ANC20243Scythian Musicians and Standards Mounted£3.75

ANC20244Scythian Musicians and Standards on Foot£3.75

ANC20245Idanthyrsus Personality Pack£4.00

ANC20249Libyan Javelinmen£3.75

ANC20250Roman/Italian Peasants£3.75

ANC20251Scythian Warrior Women£3.75

ANC20252Scythian Female Cavalry£4.00

ANC20253Numidian Cavalry£4.00

ANC20254Successor Cataphract Cavalry£4.00

ANC20255Seleucus Nicanor Personality Pack£4.00

ANC20256Seleucid Militia Theureophoroi£3.75

ANC20257Seleucid Companion Cavalry£4.00

ANC20258Scythian Slingers£3.75

ANC20259Seleucid Imitation Legionaries£3.75

ANC20001Later Unarmoured Hoplites£3.75

15mm Ancients - Ancients (CONTINUED...)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC20002 Later Hoplites in Linen Cuirass£3.75

ANC20003Later Hoplites in Metal Cuirass£3.75

ANC20004 Later Unarmoured Spartan Hoplites£3.75

ANC20005Later Spartan Hoplites in Linen Cuirass£3.75

ANC20006 Later Spartan Hoplites in Metal Cuirass£3.75

ANC20007 Later Unarmoured Theban Hoplites£3.75

ANC20008Later Theban Hoplites in Linen Cuirass£3.75

anc20009 Later Theban Hoplites in Metal Cuirass£3.75

anc20010 Greek Psiloi£3.75

ANC20011 Greek Slingers£3.75

ANC20012Greek Archers£3.75

ANC20013Thracian Slingers£3.75

ANC20014 Macedonian Archers£3.75

ANC20015Greek Musicians£3.75

ANC20016Rhodian Slingers£3.75

ANC20017 Cretan Archers£3.75

ANC20018Peltasts with Pilos£3.75

ANC20019 Thracian Peltasts£3.75

ANC20020Thracian Peltasts with Rhomphaia£3.75

ANC20021Greek Hamipoi£3.75

ANC20022 Spartan Hamipoi £3.75

ANC20023Athenian Rowers£3.75

ANC20024Thessalian Light Cavalry£3.75

ANC20025Greek Cavalry with Petasos &Pilos£3.75

ANC20026Armoured Greek Cavalry with Petasos &Pilos£3.75

ANC20030Paphlagonian Light Horse£3.75

ANC20031Peltasts with Boiotian Helmets£3.75

ANC20032 Peltasts with Attic &Chalkidian Helmets£3.75

ANC20035Spartan Generals &Officers£3.75

ANC20034Greek Generals &Officers£3.75

ANC20033 Paphlagonian Infantry£3.75

ANC20036Gallic Warband£3.75

ANC20037Spanish Scutarii£3.75

ANC20038 Theban Generals &Officers£3.75

ANC20039 Mounted Greek Generals£3.75

ANC20040Mounted Spartan Generals£3.75

ANC20041 Thracian Javelinmen£3.75

ANC20042Thracian Archers£3.75

ANC20043 Mounted Theban Generals£3.75

ANC20044Thracian Light Horse£3.75

ANC20045Thracian Getic Horse Archers£3.75

ANC20046Greek Hoplite Shields (24)£3.75

ANC20047 Northern Thracian Nobles£3.75

ANC20048Southern Thracian Nobles£3.75

ANC20049Womenfolk, Children &Youths£3.75

ANC20050Persian Archers£3.75

ANC20051 Persian Slingers£3.75

ANC20052Persian Cavalry£3.75

ANC20053Persian Cavalry in Linen Armour£3.75

ANC20054Scythian Horse Archers£3.75

15mm Ancients - Ancients (CONTINUED...)

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC20055Parthyaian Horse Archers£3.75

ANC20056 Persian Levies in Persian Dress£3.75

ANC20057Persian Levies in Median Dress£3.75

ANC20058 Persian Levies in Eastern Dress£3.75

ANC20059Persian Guards/Kardakes Spearmen£3.75

ANC20060 Egyptian Spearmen£3.75

ANC20061 Kappadokian Hillmen Infantry£3.75

ANC20062Takabara 'Persian Peltasts'£3.75

ANC20063 Persian Mounted Generals£3.75

ANC20064 Bactrian Light Horse£3.75

ANC20066Unarmoured Macedonian Pikemen£3.75

ANC20067Phoenecian Marines£3.75

ANC20068Persian Satrapal Guard£3.75

ANC20069Persian Colonist Cavalry£3.75

ANC20070Macedonian Companions£3.75

ANC20071Hellenistic Thracian Light Cavalry£3.75

ANC20072 Macedonian Pikemen Officers/File Leaders£3.75

ANC20073 Macedonian Pikemen in Linen Armour£3.75

ANC20074 Macedonian Hypaspists£3.75

ANC20076 Agrianian Javelinmen£3.75

ANC20077 Babylonian Colonists£3.75

ANC20078Hellenistic Thessalian Cavalry£3.75

ANC20079Paionian Cavalry£3.75

ANC20080 Macedonian Prodromoi£3.75

ANC20081 Macedonian Hypaspist Pikemen£3.75

ANC20082 Hereditary/Mercenary Indian Javelinmen£3.75

ANC20083Persian General in Chariot£6.25

ANC20084 Hellenistic Thracians£4.00

ANC20085 Hellenistic Thracians with Rhomphaia£4.00

ANC20086Persian Colonist Cavalry with Fillets£3.75

ANC20088 Indian Guardsmen &Clubmen£3.75

ANC20089 Indian Forest Tribesman Archers£3.75

ANC20092 Indian Foot Officers£3.75

ANC20228 Judah Maccabee£4.00

ANC20180Gallic Nobles with Shields£3.75

15mm Ancients - DBA Army Deals

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC30014Later Achaemenid Army 420BC-329BC£33.50

ANC30001Spartan Army 450BC-275BC£25.00

ANC30002Athenian Army 450BC-275BC£24.50

ANC30003Theban Army 450BC-275BC£24.50

ANC30004Thessalian Army 450BC-275BC£32.25

ANC30005Aitolian Army 450BC-275BC£15.00

ANC30006Thracian Army 700BC-46AD£21.50

ANC30007Alexandrian Macedonian 355BC-320BC£28.50

ANC30012Kappadokian 330BC-322BC &300BC-17AD£21.50

ANC30013 Phokian Army 450BC-275BC£25.00

28mm Historical Personalities - Metal figures

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

ANC80007 Alexander the Great£1.50


ANC80006Rameses II£1.50