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15mm Cold War - Cold War Gone Hot

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MOD015001Cold War Soviet Infantry£21.50

MODV15001 15mm T55/T55AM2 Main Battle Tank £21.50

MODV1500215mm Leopard 1 Tank£21.50

MODV1500315mm M60A3 Main Battle Tank£21.50

15mm WW2 Figures - Allied

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PSCAB15003US TANK COMPANY 1944£79.95

WW201500315mm Late War British Infantry 1944-45£21.95

WW201500615mm WW2 Late War US Infantry 1944-45£19.50

WW201500715mm WW2 Late War US Infantry Heavy Weapons1944-45£19.50

WW201501015mm Late War British heavy weapons£16.95

WW201501515mm British Paratroopers 1944-45£21.95

WW2015016British Paratroopers Heavy Weapons£19.50

WW2G1500315mm 6 pdr anti tank gun and Loyd carrier£19.95

WW2G1500515mm British 25pdr & Morris Quad Tractor£21.50

WW2G15006 15mm 25 pdr gun and CMP quad tractor £21.50

WW2V1500415mm Allied M4A1 75mm Sherman Tank£19.95

WW2V1500615mm Allied M4A2 Sherman Tank£19.95

WW2V1500815mm Allied M4A1 76mm Wet Stowage Sherman£19.95

WW2V1501115mm Sherman M4A4/Firefly Tank£19.95

WW2V1501415mm WW2 Allied M4A3 (Late) Sherman Tank£19.95

WW2V1501615mm Allied M3 Halftrack£19.95

WW2V1502015mm WW2 Allied M5 Halftrack£19.95

WW2V1502115mm Allied Stuart M5A1 Tank£19.95

WW2V1502215mm WW2 British Cromwell Tank£19.95

WW2V1502315mm WW2 British Churchill Tank£19.95

WW2V15029British A9/A10 British cruiser tanks-15mm£19.95

WW2V15030British & Commonwealth CMP 15cwt Truck£18.50

15mm WW2 Figures - British

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WW2V1503315mm M3 'Honey' Light Tank£19.95

WW2V15035Sexton Self-Propelled Artillery£19.95

15mm WW2 Figures - German

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WW201500215mm WW2 Late War German Infantry 1943-45£19.50

WW2015005 15mm Late War German Heavy Weapons£16.95

WW201500815mm Early War German Infantry 1939-42£21.95

WW201500915mm Early War German Heavy Weapons 1939-42£19.50

WW201501115mm German Grenadiers in Normandy '44£21.95

WW201501215mm Germans in Normandy Heavy Weapons£16.95

WW2015013Late War German Fallschirmjager (15mm)£21.95

WW201501415mm Late War Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons£19.50

WW2G1500415mm German Pak 40 with Raupenschlepper tractor£19.95

WW2V1500215mm WW2 German Panzer IV Tank£19.95

WW2V1500315mm WW2 German SdKfz 251 Ausf C Halftrack£19.95

WW2V1500515mm Stug III F8/G Assault Gun£19.95

WW2V15007German 15mm SdKfz 251/1D Halftracks£19.95

WW2V1500915mm Panzer III F,G and H£19.95

WW2V1501015mm German Panzer III J,L,M,N and Flamm£19.95

WW2V1501215mm WW2 German Panther Ausf D, A and G Tank £19.95

WW2V1501315mm SdKfz 251/D Conversion Kit £17.50

WW2V1501715mm German Tiger I £19.95

WW2V1502515mm Pz 38T and Marder variants£19.95

WW2V15026German Medium Trucks (15mm)£19.95

WW2V15027German Stowage & Tank commanders£13.95

WW2V1502815mm German SdKfz 250 alte halftrack£19.95

WW2V15031 German SdKfz 231 Armoured Car £19.95

15mm WW2 Figures - Russians

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WW2015001 Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform (15mm)£19.50

WW2015004 15mm Russian Heavy Weapons£16.95

WW2G1500115mm WW2 Russian 45mm anti tank gun£16.95

WW2G1500215mm Russian Zis2/3 anti tank and field gun£16.95

WW2V1500115mm WW2 Russian T34 Tank£19.95

WW2V1501915mm Russian T70 Tank£18.50

WW2V1502415mm WW2 Russian IS2 Tank £19.95

20mm Figures - Americans

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WW20200071/72nd US Infantry Heavy Weapons.£13.95

WW2V200121/72nd Allied M3 Halftrack£18.95

20mm Figures - British

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WW2G200041/72nd British 6 pdr anti tank gun and Loyd carrier tow£18.95

WW2G20006British 25pdr & Morris Quad Tractor - 20mm £18.95

WW2V20004REMOVED FROM SALE (Out of Stock)£18.95

WW2V200131/72nd Allied M5 Halftrack£18.95

WW2V20015 1/72nd Sherman M4A4/Firefly - GONE (Out of Stock)£18.95

WW2V200171/72nd British Churchill Tank£18.95

WW2V20024 1/72nd British and Commonwealth CMP 15cwt truck£16.95

WW2V200271/72nd British Cromwell Tank£18.95

20mm Figures - German

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WW20200051/72nd Late War German Heavy Weapons£18.95

WW2G20003REMOVED FROM SALE (Out of Stock)£13.95

WW2G200051/72nd German Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper tractor£16.95

WW2V20011 1/72nd Panther Ausf A with zimmerit£18.95

WW2V200161/72nd 251/D Haltrack Variants£21.50

WW2V20018 1/72nd German Panzer III J, L. M and N Tank£18.95

WW2V200211/72nd German stowage and tank commanders£16.95

20mm Figures - Russians

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WW2020001Russian infantry in summer uniform - GONE (Out of Stock)£11.75

WW2G20001Russian 45mm anti tank gun£13.50

WW2G200021/72nd Russian Zis2/3 anti tank and field gun£13.95

28mm Figures - Russians

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WW202800128mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform£18.95

WW202800228mm Russian Heavy Weapons£18.95

WW2G28001Russian 45mm Anti-tank guns (28mm Scale)£13.50

Board Games - Boardgames

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PSC003Hold the Line: The American Revolution£60.00

PSC004Hold the Line: French Indian Wars Expansion£30.00

PSC010Battle of Britain£60.00

British and Commonwealth -

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

WW2V1503415mm British Valentine Tank£19.95

Commands and Colours WW1: The Great War - Boardgames

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TGW020The Great War: Tank Expansion£39.95

TGW940The Great War - British Whippet Tanks£16.50

Quartermaster General - Quartermaster General

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PSC002Quartermaster General: Victory or Death£40.00