BP-WI362 - Wargames Illustrated 362

OBSERVATION POST Our latest look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of wargaming.
THEME: A LITTLE GATLING MUSIC 16 Mike Bradford discusses the history of this iconic early machine gun and how it may be used during tabletop encounters.
RULES SHOWCASE: FROSTGRAVE – GHOST ARCHIPELAGO We venture forth on an adventure to the Lost Isles trying out these new Osprey rules.
THEME: MACHINE GUNS IN THE GREAT WAR, 1914 - 1918 Jim Graham takes a close look at machine guns in World War One and considers how to use them in our games.
TWAS THE KRAMPUSNACHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS In the spirit of the Christmas season, we present a game that the whole family can enjoy, if they are of a certain mindset.
THEME: THE DAWN OF THE DOGFIGHT From dropped bricks and sidearms, to Maxims and Lewis guns, the evolution of aerial warfare is directly linked to the creation and usage of the machine gun.
designer’s notes: GASLANDS Weld on some armour plating, create a housing for a weapon or two and top off that gas tank - we provide an insider’s look at these new rules from Osprey Games.
THEME: DJANGO Exclusive rules for using our latest Giants in Miniature figure with Dracula’s America.
THEME: WHERE YOU GOING NOW? Dom Sore takes us through the history of World War Two machine guns and how these work with various rule systems.
BUFFALO SOLDIERS Following on from our Cavalry theme in WI361, Nick Buxey presents an insight into a brave group of men who overcame prejudice to fight for their country.
THEME: HOW TO… MAKE A 15MM MACHINE GUN NEST Here in the WI Studio, Jamie Walker had a play around with creating a model of an improvised site for a MG and its crew.
A SHARP(E) LOOKING GAME We caught up with Ian Smith to talk more about his wonderful 40mm Napoleonic game - one of the award winning tables at The Other Partizan this year.
brush tips: PAINTING RUSTED ARMOUR Just how can you give your armoured warriors that ‘weathered veteran’ look? Perhaps by adding some rust to their armour using these simple techniques.
OPERATION HANNIBAL Inspired by our recent Dunkirk themed issue, Gary Mitchell takes us through a German World War Two evacuation.
PORT ARTHUR Another great game from Partizan, themed around an epic naval battle from the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 - 1905.
HOBBY TALK: CLIMBING THE LEAD MOUNTAIN Every gamer has one, that collection of miniatures that are just waiting for a little bit of attention, whether lead, pewter, plastic or resin - it’s time to discuss the Sassanid elephant in the room….

Wargames Illustrated 362

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