GoFDeal3 - Gods of Fire Nickstarter Deal 3

The Gods of Fire Nickstarter Deal 3 is the Tribals one. This gets you all the new Tribal figures, including the box set of plastic figures, the four Heritors and Wardens and the ten Tribal Specilist warriors.

You also get a free Ghost Archipelago Crew sheet.

Buying a Nickstarter Deal 3 qualifies you for any Nickstarter Spend Goals.

Deal 3 saves you £4.50 over purchasing them when they go on general release.

The figures you get includes:

20 plastic Tribal Warriors

2 Tribal Heritors

2 Tribal Wardens

10 Tribal Specialists: Pearl Diver, Guide, Tomb Robber, Scout, Freebooter, Mercenary, Crackshot, Herbalist, Savage and Hunter.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and are 28mm sized. The plastic figures require assembly with glue.



Gods of Fire Nickstarter Deal 3

Our Price: £66.00