WGP-07 - Dragoons

Warlord's dragoons can be fielded for either Royalist or Parliament. You could add bonnets which would make them perfect for Covenanter armies too. They can also represent all sorts of mounted shot for Thirty Years War armies.

Our lads are modelled so that you can have the mounted and dismounted versions of the same Dragoon , wearing his unique hat and carrying the weapon of his choice!

Whether you are Covenanter, a monarch-loving Royalist or even a Crop-headed rebel your army needs dragoons!

This box contains:

12 plastic horses
12 metal riders
12 foot dragoons
2 sprues of bases, 1 for foot and 1 for cavalry
1 leaflet descibing the background of the Dragoons and containing ensigns


Our Price: £30.00

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