MUH50360A - Airfix Battles Card Expansion Set

Prepare to top up your troops, call in reinforcements and commit your reserves for your favourite Airfix Battles forces, with this brand new set of  24 bonus Force Cards for the Airfix Battles wargame. 

With a huge variety of British, American and German troops, it features specialists like the Allied Bazooka team, the 6-pounder anti-tank gun, a ten man squad of Tommies with anti-tank Piats, as well as experienced leaders like the Commando Sergeant, Allied Captain and unit of Veterans. 

You'll also find a huge variety of specialist Allied vehicles such as the Sherman Calliope tank with its rocket launchers, the M8 Greyhound armoured car, or the Churchill Crocodile battle tank, plus a host of classic world war two vehicles. 

For the Axis forces you'll be able to deploy an array of fearsome vehicles and armour like Michael Wittman's Tiger, featuring the ace German tank commander, the Panther battle tank, the SDKFZ 222 armoured car and the deadly Tiger II King Tiger! 

It's the perfect set of Force Cards to expand and extend your Airfix Battles wargame adventures.

Airfix Battles Card Expansion Set

Our Price: £4.99