Similar in design to the ‘Hedgehog’ Necromowers, the Fenris bikes were created by the Fergan Clan to be used as all-purpose farming and ranching vehicles, their small, flexible frame was modified for use in military warzones as a fast scouting vehicle.

The Fenris Bike is a lightly armoured two-man vehicle used by Imperial Wolfbane forces to get their troops into combat with the enemy as fast as possible. The odd tri-wheel design allows for superior handling when speeding into melee combat with their enemies. The drivers will often fire smoke grenades ahead of them to confuse the enemy, right before plowing directly into them with their bikes.

As the squad closes with the targets, their passengers often recklessly leap off of the back and engage their foes in close quarter fighting. This is often a favorite tactic of Headhunters, who delight in seeing if they can behead their enemy before their feet hit the ground.


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