28S-FKH-101 - Karag-Haim Offadreoz Dwelling 01

28S-FKH-101 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means this kit is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

The Dreozende (Dwarven Folk) race is one of the elder races of the fabled realms, around since the time of creation they are the children of the god Flaeskeorg.  Karag-Haim is now the most powerful of the Dreozende-Haims (Dwarven Cities) in the fabled realms with towns and cities swearing fealty to the Kirikzeregiefa (Priest Lord).

These buildings are some of the houses that would commonly be found in the towns of the Offadreoz (over dwarfs) living above ground, they are most likely for the mid to low castes.  These buildings would be lived in by the Kaezkurzt (Warrior Caste), Kaepskitkurzt (Merchant Caste), Dikerezkurzt (Miner Caste), Eorkurzt (Farmer Caste) or Wykrezkurzt (Labourer Caste).

Common to all of the buildings of the Dreoz, this building is made of stone, with strong stone pillars to hold the stone roof in place.  Following Dreoz aesthetics the building is almost completely angular with gold leaf applied to sections as decorative touches.  Most Dreoz buildings also have runic script stating their owner and purpose.


Karag-Haim Offadreoz Dwelling 01

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