BP-WI347 - Wargames Illustrated 347

THEME: STRIKE FAST, STRIKE HARD, GET OUT! An introduction to our theme, exploring the role of raids in history and looking at featuring these actions on the tabletop.
THE SCALE OF THE GAME Some ideas on expanding the gaming possibilities of a number of Flames Of War related products.
THEME: WOLF OF THE SEA Dash, derring-do and danger in the best traditions of the Royal Navy as we take a look at gaming with the inspiration behind the Hornblower novels.
AS FLOWERS BEFORE THE SCYTHE Nick Buxey and Richard Hattersley present an insight into another of their club projects, this time focusing on one of the most famous battles in Scottish history.
THEME: RIDEALONG The raids of JEB Stuart during the American Civil War are ripe for campaign play, so this article looks at how to run a series of games using any ACW ruleset.
RULES showcase: ROGUE STARS A closer look at this upcoming set of sci-fi skirmish rules from Osprey Games.
THEME: NOT BY STRENGTH, BY GUILE A personal view on putting together a World War Two Long Range Desert Group force for the tabletop.
HOW TO... SIMPLE FENCES AND HEDGES Pail Davies presents another in his series of ‘make it yourself’ articles.
THEME: OPERATION PRELIM The Pebble Island raid by the British SAS during the Falklands War, with ideas for gaming and new rules for the Living On The Frontline ruleset.
PROJECT SHOWCASE: THE SIEGE OF ATHLONE, 1690 A familiar story to many - one man’s quest to bring a visual spectacle to the tabletop.
THEME: BIG DAMN HEROES, SIR! World War Two with a fantasy twist as we take a look at the concept and creative ideas behind this raid game designed to showcase the Panzerfauste rules.
SHOW REPORT: BATTLEGROUP SOUTH A photographic account of our visit to this well respected show held at the Tank Museum Bovington, UK.
designer’s notes: BROKEN LEGIONS A look at the creation of a game designed to take you on adventures within the realm of Ancient mythology and the Roman and Greek Empires.
designer’s notes: OVER THE HILLS One of the authors behind this set of manageable mass battle rules provides an insight into the design process and key aspects of the game.
PAPER SOLDIERS CIRCA 1066 The latest book in the Battles For Britain ‘Paper Soldiers’ series by Andy Callan and Peter Dennis takes us to 1066, complete with armies of Saxons, Vikings and Normans simply a copier button away!
CUSTER’S LAST STAND In a follow-up to last month’s theme, the Leuchars Veteran Wargamers present details of their attempt to bring a classic ‘blunder’ to the game show tabletop.
ESCALATING BOLT ACTION An insight into the Escalation events run all over the UK using these rules from Warlord Games.

Wargames Illustrated 347

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