DSLACa002 - Carrien Pack

Carrien are the most numerous and prominent threat in Mort's Cannibal Sectors. They don't have the intelligence to use complex weapons like firearms, but have great proficiency with clubs and polearms. Carrien are instantly recognisable, with their skinless canine skulls and their favoured weapon.

The Pack will consist of;

1 x Carrien Alpha (same size as Progressive Barb) equipped with choice of Hockey stick or Ax and Gripper glove. The heads and weapons loadout on the Alpha are fully compatible with the spares found on the Progressive Barb Alpha Carrien.

6 x Lesser Carrien, approximately 15% smaller in stature than the Alpha, these are Pack Carrien and each comes with a variety of heads and poses and are all equipped with the iconic Hockey stick! Each of these highly detailed miniatures comes fully sculpted and ready to eat your Shiver patrol.

Carrien Pack

Our Price: £25.00

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