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OBSERVATION POST Once again our all-seeing eye is cast upon the wealth of products coming the gamer’s way in the next few months, with some selected items that we think you’ll like.
THEME: WHERE OTHERS FEAR TO TREAD Our lead article discusses the nature of elite troops and muses upon how they can be fielded in our games in a ‘realistic’ fashion.
FLAMES OF WAR, 4th edition Phil Yates takes us through what we can expect from the latest release of this hugely popular set of rules.
THEME: G IS FOR GUARDS Just what does the title ‘Guards’ mean for military units? And how should we treat these units on the tabletop? Barry Hilton explores these questions.
DESIGNER’S NOTES: PICKETT’S CHARGE Game designer David Brown discusses some of the philosophy and rules mechanics that went into the creation of these rules from Reisswitz Press.
THEME: CATAPHRACTS One of the most iconic troop types of the Ancient era. Yet what does being a ‘Cataphract’ actually mean and how did they fare in battle?
CAUGHT AT KUT A look at a model making and gaming extravaganza based upon an action from the First World War in Mesopotamia.
THEME: VARANGIAN GUARD Need a bodyguard in the Early Medieval period? Looking for a hard-core of highly skilled, dangerous warriors to overcome the enemy? Then look no further than these Viking elites.
GAMING WITH HISTORY Wargaming went all educational last year when Dan Mersey was invited to Edinburgh to speak on this topic. Professor Gianlucca Raccagni, the organizer, tells us all about the concept.
THEME: HITLER’S ELITES Dom Sore discusses the Waffen-SS and how they fare using the Bolt Action rules.
TRICKS AND TIPS: FREE AND EASY BUILDINGS Roger Merry suggests how to turn household waste into tabletop terrain.
MEDIC! MEDIC! Taking his lead from the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Dom Sore looks at the rise of the medic within warfare and how to integrate them into your World War Two gaming.
FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: PHALANGITES AND HYPASPISTS The Victrix range of figures continues to expand, allowing you to field a whole range of units. In this article, Simon MacDowell takes a look at options for some of the latest miniatures.
A SHARP ENGAGEMENT Robert Giglio takes us on another journey to the North-West Frontier in the 1890’s, this time looking at an action involving the Corps of Guides.
THE SCOTTISH PLAY(ER) Dan Mersey takes a look at both the historical and Shakespearean versions of Macbeth, one of the most intriguing characters from Scottish history.
RULES SHOWCASE: CHOSEN MEN These Napoleonic-era skirmish rules have proven quite popular, so we’ve taken a closer look to help spread the word! henry hyde’s battlegames Henry Hyde finds that a return to his gaming youth can be guided by one of the more recent rules systems.
FIGURE DIRECTORY A quick re-cap of the origins of the miniatures featured in this magazine.

Wargames Illustrated 352

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