AGEMA19 - Maniple Command (II)

The Roman Century was the smallest fighting unit within the Legion, comprised of about 80 men. It was commanded by a Centurion. Two Centuries made a ‘Maniple’ (literally ‘handful’), the smallest tactical unit within the army, with a ‘Prior’ or senior Centurion and a ‘Posterior’ or secondary Centurion.

It is not known for sure whether the early Maniples had standards and musicians - if they did, it was probably during the Punic Wars that such command and control features were introduced. This pack includes a 'Primus Pilus' (literally 'first javelin') who would have been the senior Centurion of the Legion, along with a second Centurion in cloak and mail, wielding a Greek style Kopis. The pack also includes a standard bearer clad in a wolf pelt, and a trumpet player to sound and relay commands.

Pack contains 4 figures complete with shields for the Centurions. You will need to purchase a separate pack of our Legionary Standards for the standard bearer

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

Maniple Command (II)

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