BP-WI354 - Wargames Illustrated 354

OBSERVATION POST Our latest gander at a range of products, including our ‘Spotted at…’ show feature.
THEME: the iron duke How did Wellesley become Wellington and what can we do to simulate the man and his methods on the tabletop?
DESIGNER’S NOTES: THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE The author of the latest Bolt Action Campaign Book shares his thoughts regarding its creation.
THEME: arthur wellesley in india 1797 - 1805 The most formative period in his military career, the future Duke’s time in India taught him many of the skills he often employed as a commander.
rules showcase: test of honour Enter The Age of the Samurai, as envisaged by the latest boxed game from Warlord.
THEME: FOES OF A SEPOY GENERAL A military commander is often judged by those he fought. Pete Brown takes us on a journey to view the armies of the Marathas of India.
FOTEVIKEN 1134 Post-Viking era combat, with a Danish civil war battle for the crown which saw some new tactics and the use of mercenary cavalry.
THEME: ARCHITECT OF VICTORY Any discussion of Wellington always turns to this iconic battle. Steve Wood presents his take on the Allied commander and his role in the battle itself.
PIKEMAN’S LAMENT – ‘BUT IS IT REALLY PIKE AND SHOT?’ We explore the game mechanics and historical credentials of this new game.
THEME: SCUM OF THE EARTH How do you re-create Wellington’s British troops for the tabletop? A beginner’s guide to those little men in red.
SHOW REPORT: VAPNARTAK 2017 One of the first ‘big’ shows of the UK gaming calendar. Our correspondent took a journey to York to check it out.
figure spotlight: PSEUDO-FANTASY BARBARIANS A slightly tongue in cheek guide for those looking to create a more ‘classic fantasy’ barbarian army.
the art of water & building a viking fleet A look at the work undertaken to get a fleet of longships ready for the tabletop and simulate their medium of travel.
PAPER ARMADA The latest offering from Peter Dennis and Helion Books, in their Battles for Britain series, allows you to field an endless armada of easy to assemble paper ships.
fighting talk: WARP FACTOR The latest incendiary article from Barry Hilton seeks to challenge once more the accepted norms and our wargamer’s perceptions of history.
CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH Our game at Salute 2017 promises to be a bit silly and a lot of fun, pitting our Giants In Miniature against one another in a gladiatorial arena. Are you not entertained?
club focus: LONE STAR HISTORICAL MINIATURES CLUB A look at this multi-faceted group of hobbyists out in Texas,
USA FIGURE DIRECTORY Your handy guide to the origins of almost every miniature featured in the magazine.

Wargames Illustrated 354

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