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Spanish Civil War Miniatures. Produced by North Star, sculpted by Mark Sims.

Figures suitable for use with the Osprey Publishing set of Inter-War rules, A World Aflame.

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Photo of Spanish Anarchists (NSS1936)
NSS1936 - Spanish Anarchists

Our Price:£2.70

Photo of International Brigade Squad (NSS1937)
NSS1937 - International Brigade Squad

Our Price:£13.50

Photo of International Brigade Platoon (NSS1937a)
NSS1937a - International Brigade Platoon

Our Price:£37.50

Photo of Franco's Moors (NSS1938)
NSS1938 - Franco's Moors

Our Price:£13.50

Photo of Platoon of Nationalist Moors  (NSS1938a)
NSS1938a - Platoon of Nationalist Moors

Our Price:£37.50