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Photo of Orda Cavalry (TAT-01)
TAT-01 - Orda Cavalry

Our Price:£11.00

Photo of Kazindji Poor Cavalry (TAT-02)
TAT-02 - Kazindji Poor Cavalry

Our Price:£20.00

Photo of Tatar High Command (TAT-03)
TAT-03 - Tatar High Command

Our Price:£24.00

Photo of Tatar Leaders (TAT-04)
TAT-04 - Tatar Leaders

Our Price:£7.50

Photo of Tatar Captives (TAT-05)
TAT-05 - Tatar Captives

Our Price:£6.50

Photo of Tatar Skirmish Set (TAT-06)
TAT-06 - Tatar Skirmish Set

Our Price:£46.00

Photo of Tatar warriors with spears (TAT-07)
TAT-07 - Tatar warriors with spears

Our Price:£20.00

Photo of Elite Tartar Cavalry (TAT-08)
TAT-08 - Elite Tartar Cavalry

Our Price:£11.00

Photo of Kappi Kulli (TAT-09)
TAT-09 - Kappi Kulli

Our Price:£17.40